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From time immemorial flowers have been an intrinsic parof every Hindu worship and no ceremony is complete without offering fresh flowers at the feet of the deities.

The online superstore of all divine goods, ceremonial services and organic puja products

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“Ratna Garbha Vasundhara” an excerpt from the ancient languages in India means that earth is bestowed with beauty and satiates the needs of a man throughout his lifespan.

Flowers are a part of nature and have been an integral part of our daily lives in ways unknown. From time immemorial, flowers have been an intrinsic part of worship, festivities and no ceremony or a special occasion is complete without the presence of fresh flowers. However, for various Indians around the world (away from home) it has been a difficult task to get hold of fresh Indian flowers and Indian products that they would be using back in India.

Mrs. Sunita Anchan (Founder) faced the same issue after she moved to Dubai. She realized that it was difficult to procure fresh flowers and ceremonial products for her daily rituals, occasions and festivities. She delved on and created a revolutionary platform that could empower and enable one to have access to fresh flowers and all things divine. This led to the birth of Arpan General Trading LLC in 2015.

The brainchild of Mrs. Sunita Anchan and her likeminded team of proFRESHionals believe in making their customers interaction one of a kind.

Arpan is an experience that invests in modern technology, product innovation/collaboration and strives for customer satisfaction with high standards for excellence in social responsibility, quality service, creativity and delivery of their products and offerings.

In todays’ busy schedule, Arpan General Trading LLC give you a time out from all the last-minute rush and hassle during festivals, weddings or any cultural or religious event.

Arpan General Trading LLC is UAE’s first ever venture that specializes in fresh flower delivery (Indian and International) on subscription basis and many more. Arpan General Trading LLC bring to you India’s finest, segregated and fresh flowers, puja supplies and a creative approach towards making your service convenient and affordable. They have a team of specialists in flower designing and decoration, who efficiently cater to your needs from garlands to bridal jewellery, to mandaps, to backdrop decor, to venue décor, funeral services and even assistance in catering. You might explore and stumble upon a range of products that are not available in Dubai.

Arpan's expertise in the floral design and adaptation sector offers exclusive range of innovative products like their service on green gifting options.

Arpan is your one stop solution for all your needs related to flower shopping, puja organising, wedding and wedding function organizing, cultural functions, corporate gifting and landscaping. We look forward to our association with you. Together we can be a great team who contribute towards the eco system as well as stay close to our roots.