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Monthly / weekly packages available
August 14, 2017

The Art of Puja

By Team Arpan

Puja is the honour of the divine. There have been various explanations of the word ‘Puja’ as it holds Sanskrit roots. In a ritual sense, it means to purify and “Ja” means birth. Hence, puja means that which purifies/cleanses the birth of life. In other scripts it also means to offer flowers and apply vermillion. In Hindu scriptures wisdom evolves as the mind recognizes the observation of the deity. This is when Puja becomes an exceptional aspect of worship.

The purpose of puja is to serve the divine and show one’s love and devotion without expectations. The Bhagvad Gita says that only those who have the urge to worship bring out the purest form of devotion. The aim of the puja is create an encouraging and spiritual aura to lead a content and peaceful life. Pujas follow a process which involves the offering of pushpam (flowers), phalam (fruit), toyam (water), karpuram (camphor) and naivedyam (food). Flowers have a special place in the puja, they symbolize love. It’s a method of flowering of love from all sides of life.

Pujas are not a way of just achieving something material in life. Rituals being performed without devotion are meaningless. To attain true joy, peace and your inner self you necessarily have to go through the spiritual process.